Bolts Specialist in hex bolts

Six sided heads for the construction of metal structures.


A.F.N. Visserie Boulonnerie enjoys an over 20-year experience on the market for metal fastenings. Our enterprise stands out in this sector thanks to the experience gained on the French and international markets. We take a rigorous approach to product selection and quality assurance which enable us to supply large-scale projects.


All our TH bolts comply with CE standard ISO15048-1, 15048-2 S.B marking


ISO4014, ISO 4017, DIN 931, DIN 933, DIN 934, ISO 4032, ISO 7089, DIN 125


CLASS 6.8 / 8.8


CE: Structural bolts  (SB) NF 15048-1 / 15048-2


Zink-plating / chrome-plating / HDG


Possibility to furnish upon demand all types of fastening products other than the above-mentioned.